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rival competitor区别

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    rival competitor区别

    compete是不及物动词,所以不能直接加宾语。 compete for 表示为...而竞争 copete with 表示同...竞争 题目的意思是:他将和他的对手在第2轮竞争。

    compete的意思 1. 竞争;对抗;比赛[(+with/against/for)] We can compete with the best teams. 我们能与最好的队竞争。 2. (事物)媲美,比得上[(+with)] These paintings can't compete in expressive power with those ones. 这些水彩画在表达能力方面比不上那些。 My handwriting cannot compete with his. 我的书法不及他。


    compete for sth.是"为sth.而竞争",例如compete for the prize compete with /against sb.是"与某人竞争" 所以选C

    opponent 因阵营而对立 vs rival 目标相同,想赶超对方

    opponent, competitor, enemy, foe, rival
    opponent : 最常用词,通常指在争论、辩论、竞选或竞赛以及其它各种矛盾冲突中站在对立面的“对手”或“敌手”。
    competitor : 指为同一目标或目的竞争者,一般无感情色彩。
    enemy : 多指充满敌意的仇敌。
    foe : 语气较强,多用于书面文字和诗歌中。指不仅敌对,而且很危险,怀有很深的敌意。
    rival : 指与某人目标一致而想赶上或超过他的人。

    如果用b那for作何解释? 为。。? 因为 ? 说不通呀

    compete for 是为...而竞争/比赛 compete with 是和...竞争/比赛 句子意思是: 第二回合他要和他的老对手比赛 而不是他要为他的老对手竞争/比赛 所以选C compete with


    competewith/ oeteforsth.


    这个词组是固定搭配,意思是:和某人竞争 compete with sb. 这句话的意思是:他将要和他的老对手进行第二个回合的较量.

    rivaln.竞争者,对手v.竞争,对抗,相匹敌在这里是名词应该用competewithcompetevi.竞争(with,in)比赛(in)对抗(against,with)competewithothercountriesforworldmarket与其它国家竞争国际市场competeinarace参加赛跑competewith[against] rsth.与某人竞争而获得某物Theyoungtennisplayerhasoftencompetedagainstfamousplayers,butsofarhehasalwaysbeenbeaten.那位年轻的网球运动员常与著名球员对抗比赛,可是到目前为止,他总是输的。


    二更!!! → ample / plentiful / generous → capture one's attention → incredible / unbelievable / improbable / fabulous / wonderful / fantastic / astonishing / astounding / awesome / extraordinary / spectacular / magnificent / miraculous → recreation / entertainment / pastime / diversion / furious / enraged / wrathful / indignant / exasperated / mad / aroused / inflamed → suggestion / recommendation / instruction / tip / direction / admonition / counsel / proposal → facet / demension / sphere → detrimental / baneful → attractive / gorgeous / eye-catching / charming / graceful




    Boring → cautious / prudent / discreet / chary























    Have → delightful / cheerful / glad / pleased / elated / joyful / jubilant / blissful / chuffed / upbeat / chipper / thrilled / ebullient / ecgtatic → damaging / ruinous / destructive / dreadful / unfavorable / adverse / negative / deteriorating / inferior / devastating → robust / soud / wholesome → vital / crucial / prominent / cardinal / significant / critical / essential / indispensable / profound(意义深远的) / far-reaching(影响广泛的) /




    More and more




    Poor → prevailing / prevalent / pervasive → pour attention to → sound / rational / sensible







    sb. take interest in/sb. be interested in







    Very → cover


    Want2)高分必背衔接词大全3)英语作文高分必备放雷同素材句hoping that i may have an opportunity to act as

    2. To be honest communicating with others.说实话,我有与别人沟通的天赋 others easily, which is especially necessary for a volunteer, I'm ready to give help whenever it is neededable to get on well with others the job, because I have a good character, being independent in life and having a good knowledge of adapt to a new environment. 同时,正是我的独立性使我很容易适应新的环境。 outgoing and energetic but also

    9. I manage my time well, so that I can always get things done English, which enables me to

    11. I have strong team sporit

    12. In my spare time, I'm fond of业余时间,我喜欢收集硬币,从中我可以扩大知识面,开阔视野。'm keen onwhich makes it possible for me to

    14. What is important is thatenable me to keep a good relationship with others. in English. 最使我满意的是我用英语和别人交流起来毫不费力。in order to enhance the personal qualities,play an important role in dealing with, I am familiar with

    18. I have a good knowledge of

    19. Not only do Ibut

    20. Furthermore, I also actively participate in

    21. Besides, my previous woriking experience as a volunteer will qualify me for, I would spare no effort, we have an English Tanlent Show today, with the purpose of developing our interest in

    2. To help you have a better understandin of Chinese culture,

    3. Everyone is supposed to

    4. We feel it an honour to have a chance to every student and make more students involved in

    6. Let's make our joint efforts to

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    8. As for me, I often go online to search some useful information for my study, because I hold the view that we should make the best of the Internet to equip ourselves with more knowledge I am in favor of

    10. Hardly had we got to the destination whennot only did we pass our love and friendship to others, but we also enriched our own school life.plays an important role inwe look forward to the pleasure of your company. I won the first place in the Spoken English Competition of the city. 在您的帮助下,我取得如此快的级不,以至于我再市英语演讲比赛中获得了一等奖。 the gold medal in the Innovation Contest. 我写信祝贺你在创新比赛中获得金牌。with regard to

    6. Only when you have confidence and master proper approaches are you I believe that you are sure to catch up with

    8. I feel extremely sorry for the tragedy , and I am convinced that you will overcome the difficulty and embrace a better life 记住:无论何时你需要任何帮助,我随叫随到。1.My teacher, Mr. Zhang, played an important role in me.我的老师,张老师,在我提升学习成绩的过程中起了重要作用,这给我留下了深刻的印象。 the Dragon Boat Festival, I can't help thinking ofhave great passion for,we have, in recent years, set up Confucius Institutes all over the world. 为了发展与其他国家的友谊,普及汉语和汉语文化,最近几年,我们已经在世界各地建立了孔子学院。 he was a famous thinker, educator and philosopher in the Chinese history. 孔子事中国人民的骄傲,因为他是中国历史上一位著名的思想家、教育家和哲学家。 our teacher always creates a kind of atmosphere where we can voice our opinions freely. 给我印象最深的事,我们老师总是营造一种我们可以自由交流看法的氛围。 the question-answer period, I couldn't wat to

    3. Recently we have been occupied with

    4. Hardly had they got the news when

    5. I was wondering whether to participate whentelling me that it was a good chance to

    6. With cheers and applause yourself like thunder,

    7. Only when you devote yourself to it can you

    8. When I got first prize on the stage, excitement and pride flooded over me all of a sudden. 离开中心之前,我们拍照记录这难忘的经历,这给我们一次增加勇气、增强团队合作意识的好机会。

    11. Only through this activity did I realize thatmake a big difference. help those in need. 只有通过这次活动我才认识到,事情虽小意义非凡。我会不遗余力地帮助需要帮助的人。 brought me pleasure and a sense of achivement after-school activities will broaden our horizons, 丰富多彩的课外活动能够让我们开阔眼界,充实学校生活,还能使我们得到放松。 I gained more self-confidence and enjoyed the pleasure of teamwork. 只有在那时我才意识到,正是通过参与比赛,我才获得了更多的自信,享受到了团队合作的乐趣they're convinced that

    2. There is no doubt that

    3. Having realized the importance of doing sports, some positive changes. 意识到进行锻炼的重要性,我们当中的大多数人开始采取一系列有效的措施,由此带来了一些积极的变化。 we should develop healthy eating habits to build ourselves up. Only in this way can we

    5.In my opinion, doing sports is good forwith the advantage of strengthening my body and keeping the illness away.hold the view thatbut alsothat needs strength and skill. in China now. Of various kinds of sports, I like jogging in particular.It turned out to be an unforgettable experience.it does benefit you

    10. From the above we can draw a conclusion

    11. Only in this way can students getprevents them from being

    12. With their heavy burden removed,

    13. It goes without saying that it pays to keep early hours.with the sun shining brightly, green trees growing well and flowers coming out in different colors. the beautiful lake when

    3. It's high time thatmake more contributions to

    5. Our school photography club is going to hold an International High School Student Photography Show, with the theme of environmental protection. that measures should be taken to cope with

    7. Our government is sparing no effort to

    8. Only in this way can we

    9. Better living conditions can really be reached on condition thatwhich appealed to

    2. One of the activities is the English Corner every other week, aiming to help us make a lot of friends.其中一项活动室隔周一次的英语角,目的是提高我们的英语口语,同时帮助我们广交朋友。attracting the audience so much.regardless of

    5. The Literature Society recommended a variety of good books, encouraging us to get pleasure from reading.rouse our curiosity aboutenables me to have a chance to broaden my horizons.what we should pay attention to. the tour, not only have wegot a better understanding ofmakes it easy forhave a chance to

    2. During the Sprin Festival, red lanterns and Spring Festival couplets are used to decorate a house, presenting a festive atmosphere receiving lucky money, playing happily with each other, and setting off fireworks excitedly. 孩子们盼望着收到压岁钱,一起高兴地玩耍,兴奋地放烟火。whilewhat you can't miss. we shared the homemade sweet dumplings. We chatted happily, enjoying the family togetherness.couldn't help flashing our cameras.falls on

    8. On the one hand,On the other hand,

    9. I'm glad that you have great passion forshare some details with you. and the Dragon Boat Festivalis no exception.

    11. The moon that night looks the brightest in the whole lunar month. What we love most

    12. With the bright moon up in the sky,

    13. National Day falls on October 1st every year, with the holiday lasting 7 days. Chinese people all over the world are immersed in a happy and harmonious atmosphere.which is memorable

    15. Seeing the lines of trees, we all had a sense of achievement that it's our duty to protect and beautify the environment. 看到一排排的树木,我们都有一种成就感。只有在那时我才认识到保护和美化环境是我们的责任。where we had a heated discussion on how to celebrate it.spared no effort to

    APEC ----- Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation 亚太经合组织

    BRICs ----- 金砖四国 { 巴西(Brazil)、俄罗斯(Russia)、印度(India)和中国 (China)}

    CIS ----- Commonwealth of Independent States 独联体

    EFTA ----- European Free Trade Association 欧洲自由贸易联盟

    GA ----- General Assembly 联合国大会

    IEA ----- International Energy Agency 国际能源机构

    NAM ----- Non-Aligned Movement 不结盟运动

    OAU ----- Organization of African Unity 非洲统一组织

    OPEC ----- Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries 石油输出国组织

    PIF ----- Pacific Islands Forum 太平洋岛国论坛

    SACN ------ South American Community of Nations 南美洲国家联盟

    The Commonwealth ----- Commonwealth of Nations 英联邦

    WEC ----- World Energy Council 世界能源委员会

    WTO ----- World Trade Organization 世界贸易组织(世贸组织)

    WHO ----- World Health Organization 世界卫生组织






    rival 对手;敌人 He prayed down his rival.他以祈祷来降伏了敌人。 competitor 竞争者,比赛对手The bank isn't performing as well as some of its competitors.这家银行没有它的一些竞争对手表现好。

    compete for sth.是"为sth.而竞争",例如compete for the prize compete with /against sb.是"与某人竞争" 所以选C