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    英语老师上课造句对着我说:You're even prettier than Fanbingbing is.以后一定的好好学英语 !! L-yaya-wen的视频

    We have not met with each other for even a year.

    黄晓明回应中年王子病明言明语是真的不过这个用来造句真的好适合王晨艺同名EP《EVEN WONG》 不要你觉得 我要我觉得 我觉得王晨艺8.19ep有点小期待

    used to emphasize sth unexpected or surprising (强调出乎意料)甚至,连,即使 He never even opened the letter(= so he certainly didn't read it). 他根本没打开过那封信。 It was cold there even in summer(= so it must have been very cold in winter). 那儿即使夏天也很冷。 Even a child can understand it(= so adults certainly can). 就连小孩子也能理解。 She didn't even call to say she wasn't coming. 她甚至没打电话来说一声她不来了。 used when you are comparing things, to make the comparison stronger (用以加强比较)甚至更,愈加,还 You know even less about it than I do. 你对此事的了解甚至还不如我。 She's even more intelligent than her sister. 她甚至比她姐姐还聪明。 used to introduce a more exact description of sb/sth (引出更精确的说法)甚至可以说,其实,实际上 It's an unattractive building, ugly even. 这栋建筑毫不美观,甚至可以说难看。

    1.Even if it is rainnig,they can go out. 2.Even if I had worked hard ,but i didn't pass the exame.

    来啊,造句啊 今天的短语是“even though” ,一起来造个英文句子吧~

    never be give up ever

    Zootopia is a fairy tale but isn't a Utopia there will not be real Utopia even in the imagination 今日造句

    KK: []
    DJ: []
    1. 平的,平坦的,平滑的[(+with)]
    The road wasn't even.
    2. 一致的;同样的;齐的[(+with)]
    Her teeth were white and even.
    3. 对等的;均等的,相等的
    The score is now even.
    4. 【数】偶数的[Z]
    5. 均匀的;平稳的
    The car went with an even motion.
    6. 恰好的,整整的
    Twelve apples makes an even dozen.
    1. (加强语气)甚至;连
    Even Mrs. Smith could not help laughing.
    2. (用于比较级前)甚至更,还
    This book is even more useful than that.
    3. 实际上;甚至可以说
    He is ready, even eager to go.
    1. 使平坦;弄平
    She evened the edges by trimming them.
    2. 使相等
    Our team evened the score in the last minute.
    我们队在最后一分钟将比分拉平。 本回答被网友采纳

    分享我的记单词心得,according to,造句示例:"According to the survey,even eagles cannot help us over-flying the Mordor." "Ohh……"

    originate fromThe twenty-four solar terms originates from the Yellow River area.节气的制定 the establishment of the solar terms直到今天even to this day造句 be glue toHow can you tell you're dependent on someone?I think the happiest thing is that what you're doing is what you're glue to.

    每早七点拆真题,你会&xe627;考研一笑而过 今天是4月6日,据2020考研还有260天当when和while在一个句子里出现时你的纠结就开始了[小仙女]点赞后再看给老师的辛苦付出加油@宋智鸣 考研英语 L周思成的视频 ​​​

    NBA造句 Even with Durant back in the series, the Warriors stand a slim chance of winning their third straight title.

    每日造句Even if something are very delicious,we should savour the right amount of it 听说有股斗志就要远去

    读外刊学造句 20140330 Yet even the most optimistic experts could not say that environmental pollution control has been radically transformed. @丁晓钟 @伟鹏努力要瘦身 @我是奇国小熊猫

    blackpink SBS朴振荣的PartyPeople SureThing even when造句O网页链接

    1.即使下大雨,他们还是可以出去。 Even though it rains heavily, they may also go out. 2。尽管我如此努力,我还是没有考及格。 Even if I work so hard, I still don't pass the exam.

    背单词,看到ambition,造句Lay's ambition is to build his own kingdom;看到persevere,造句Even in the face of difficulty,Lay still perseveres and tries his best. 追星让我进步,谢谢! @努力努力再努力x

    1.Even if it rains,they are able to go there . 2.Even if i have worked hard,i didnot pass the exame

    一名群友竟然还加了此荷兰老司机的QQ。占领雅虎 OThis Man Waited 10 Days in an Airport to Meet His Girlfriend Who Never Showed 模板造句 Cirk looks frail even in his QQ icon.

    扇贝打卡 第16天扇贝打卡:今日造句:even if a lot of distance, we never estrange each otherO网页链接

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    even ['i:vən]
    adv. 甚至,恰好,正当
    adj. 平坦的,偶数的,相等的
    even if:即使,纵然|即使,尽管|甚至,即使
    Even lf:即使
    1. I like her even though she can be annoying.
    2. I do this even in the cold winter.
    3. However, even the simplest element node has a text node under it.
    4.I'd say the two players are pretty even.
    5. He won the first game and I won the second, so now we are even.

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    1.Even if it rained,they also could go there . 2.Even though i have worked so hard,i still did not pass the exame. 上1句用虚拟